"On behalf of Young's Seafood, I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude for the exceptional security guard services provided at our Fraserburgh site over the past five years. Your dedicated team has not only ensured the safety and security of our premises but has also demonstrated professionalism and reliability throughout our partnership. "

Youngs Seafood

  • "OrtonGate Shopping Centre is incredibly grateful to OMS for their outstanding security guard services. OMS has consistently gone above and beyond our service specifications, ensuring the safety and security of our staff, tenants, and visitors. "

    Ortongate Shopping Centre
  • "We are thrilled to express our appreciation to OMS for their exceptional security guard services over the past decade. Hastings Direct Insurance has benefited immensely from their dedicated and professional security team. OMS has consistently ensured the safety and security of our premises, employees, and clients, demonstrating unwavering commitment and reliability."

    Hastings Direct
  • "We at Step Academy Trust are extremely grateful to OMS for providing mobile security services. The protection and peace of mind your services have offered us are truly invaluable. Your team's professionalism and dedication to keeping our sensitive information secure have not gone unnoticed."

    STEP Academy Trust