There are many and diverse reasons to put OMS in charge of your commercial boiler servicing and repair and installation projects.

Your building may well rely on its boiler for both heat and hot water. If it shuts off even temporary, this can disrupt the building occupants and the operational activities housed there.

Proper boiler inspection and maintenance are, therefore, a necessity, Including checks towards the end of summer – when the heating has been off – to make sure your system is able to work at the right level during the colder months.

Of course, having access to reliable local boiler maintenance companies also helps our clients to keep their heating systems working efficiently year-round. This can bring important energy savings and ensure they keep to sustainability goals.

Proper boiler maintenance also protects the longevity of your equipment. A small overlooked issue in its operation can grow in significance over time and result in a much bigger repair bill long term.

OMS outsourcing management solutions automate your boiler and heating system maintenance. We can also ensure any work needed is done swiftly and affordably, by a responsive local company. Avoiding you being in ‘hot water’ with your building tenants or users.