Facilities management can help individuals and companies to streamline and orchestrate a myriad of building tasks and services. This can include not just better ways to do business and maintain operational efficiency. It can also include services that help clients during initial construction phases, or when a property is being altered, expanded, improved or refurbished, for example.

Hard v soft facilities management

Some contracts for facility management involve hard or soft services. This is a term that can confuse people searching for outsourcing management services. So what does it mean?

Hard facilities management

Some of the services OMS provides are connected to the fabric of our clients’ buildings, including proper maintenance internally and externally. This is hard facilities management and relates to physical, tangible tasks that OMS can deliver.

Soft facilities management

We can also help the owners and managers of commercial real estate with less tangible factors that impact on their building’s capacity, productivity and profitability. For instance, the staff and cleaning routines that affect a building’s function and value. These are among the ‘soft’ activities that can be expertly managed by OMS experts.