The short answer to this is that OMS offers you limitless possibilities to put cleaning tasks into the hands of an expert FM company.

Contract cleaning services

Regular cleaning services in the UK can be daily, weekly, or even annually; whatever best suits your business goals and operational needs.

The peace of mind that all your property cleaning needs are being met automatically, flawlessly and in an accountable way can be one of the best operational investments you make.

Building cleaning contracts

This can be sort of help you need between occupancies, or to greatly improve the appearance of a building you are trying to rent out or fill to capacity.

Do you have a heritage site and need specialist UK cleaning services? OMS can find you the perfect outsourced cleaning company.

Construction cleaning services

OMS has a substantial track record for providing new construction cleaning services.

This can optimise the appearance of a new build, making it more marketable. It can also be a vital part of your customer service when handling commercial real estate over to new owners or occupiers.

There are times when clients need mid-project cleaning for major construction or renovation projects too. Something our specialist teams can handle adroitly.

Tackling the residual mess created by completed building and construction work is something that is certainly best left to post-construction cleaning specialists. OMS only uses cleaning service companies that can guarantee a flawless finish on all surfaces and building features.

However, OMS facilities management company also offers construction site cleaning services to free up your contractors to move on to their next project. We offer entire site clean-ups which are carefully orchestrated in terms of timing and compliance to Health and Safety regulations.