Providing a positive retail experience is a crucial goal for shops of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re a boutique or a large-scale supermarket, exceeding customer expectations for cleanliness, upkeep, and even in-store safety can only do good things for your business.

Our specialist, high-skilled team at OMS has a wealth of experience in the retail sector. From general day-to-day cleaning and waste management to COVID-19 fogging, general decorating and fabric maintenance, we cover all the required tasks to help your retail business run like clockwork. From customer-facing spaces to staff areas, we ensure everything meets the same high standards.

In addition to our general maintenance and cleaning solutions, we also offer security to keep your retail business safe. Whether you’d like security staff on your shop floor or an alarm response system, our comprehensive management plans cover every aspect necessary to deliver the best possible results for your customer, your staff, and your business as a whole.

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