OMS | Security Services

Secure your people, property, assets, and information with our cutting-edge on-site and mobile security solutions.

Protect your valuable people, property, and assets with our cutting-edge on-site and mobile security solutions. Our comprehensive range of advanced security measures ensures the safety and security of your organization, guarding against potential threats and vulnerabilities. Gain peace of mind knowing that every aspect of your business is safeguarded.

Manned Guarding

Keep your property safe with professional manned guarding.

Reception Security

Enhancing Safety and Welcoming Hospitality.

Fire Wardens

Secure your property and ensure safety with fire wardens.

Keyholding & Response

Secure your home or business with professional keyholding.

Unlock and Lockups

Keep your valuables secure with Our unrivaled lockup services.

Unlock and Locks

Mobile Patrols

Secure your property with mobile security patrols.

Mobile Security Patrols

Property Inspections

Get peace of mind with vacant property inspections.

Property Inspections

K9 Security

Protect your property with professional K9 security services.

Temporary CCTV

Keep your property secure with temporary CCTV solutions.

OMS | Security Solutions

Fortifying Security: Protecting Every Sector, Every Acre

OMS provides top-notch security services in the UK, offering highly trained and licensed security operatives for residential and commercial properties. Our comprehensive protection services ensure the safety and well-being of your premises. Trust OMS for all your security needs!

OMS security services
24 hour security services

OMS | Security Response

24/7 Mobile Patrol Officer: Your Reliable Keyholding and Alarm Response Solution.

Our mobile patrol vehicles are equipped with cutting-edge technology, including onboard CCTV and GPS tracking systems. This advanced setup enables us to quickly locate and deploy the nearest mobile response driver to your premises in the event of an alarm activation. Trust in our efficient and reliable security solutions for your peace of mind.

OMS | Security Patrols

Secure Your Premises: Keep the Undesirables Away with a Visible Deterrent.

Our security approach enhances the safety of your premises. We achieve this by strategically placing highly visible warning signs at key locations, effectively deterring potential intruders and reinforcing the protection of your valuable property. Trust us for top-notch security solutions that prioritize your peace of mind and safeguard your assets.

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security services for your business

OMS | Security Guards

Safety First: Unleashing the Power of Uniformed Security Officers.

Our professional on-site security personnel provide comprehensive security and safety solutions for your premises. With vigilant patrolling, detailed reporting, and proactive deterrent measures, our uniformed guards ensure a secure and safe environment. Trust our dedicated team for all your security needs.